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  03.12.2018 - From molecular electronics to biomolecular electronics: how easy is the transition?

Lunedì 10 Dicembre, alle ore 15:30, in aula F1, la Prof.ssa Linda A. Zotti dell'Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, terrà un seminario dal titolo:

From molecular electronics to biomolecular electronics: how easy is the transition?

In this talk, I will briefly give an introduction to molecular electronics, providing a few examples from my work [1,4] to show how molecules can be an excellent testbed for studying fundamental physics. I will then turn to discuss recent results of ours in the field of biomolecular electronics. This is a flourishing topic, steadily attracting attention due to the potential biomolecules have as active components inside electrical devices. This arises from their richness in terms of chemical recognition, self-assembly and optical and electronic properties. I will show theoretical results obtained by electron-transport calculations for selected peptides [5] as well as fully ab-initio calculations on entire proteins [6]. I will then discuss their relationship with experimental observations [7] as well as new challenges posed for theoreticians in the field.


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[7] Ruiz, M.P. et al., Aragonès, Bioengineering a single-protein junction. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139(43), pp.15337-15346 (2017)




Ref. prof. M. Beccaria