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  24.09.2019 - Mathematical models for the Sun-Jupiter-Hektor-Skamandrios system

Martedi' 1 ottobre, alle ore 16, in Aula Benvenuti, il Prof. Marian Gidea della Yeshiva University di New York terra' un seminario sul tema:

Mathematical models for the Sun-Jupiter-Hektor-Skamandrios system

Abstract: We will discuss some simple models for the dynamics of the moonlet Skamandrios of Jupiter's Trojan asteroid Hektor. Hektor is the largest Jupiter Trojan,
has one of the most elongated shapes among the bodies of its size in the solar system, and is the only known Trojan to possess a moonlet. Observations of Hektor-Skamandrios suggest that the orbit of the moonlet is stable, but is nevertheless very close to an orbit/spin resonance, so a small change in the semi-major axis would either eject the moonlet or crash it into the asteroid. These curious facts motivate our interest in studying this system. Our analysis is based on the Hill approximation of the circular restricted four-body problem.
This is based on a joint work with Jaime Burgos-Garcia, Alessandra Celletti, Catalin Gales, and Wai-Ting Lam.

Ref. Dott.ssa Anna Maria Cherubini