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  20.01.2020 - Seminari del Prof. Giacomo Cacciapaglia - 22/23 Gennaio 2020

 Il Prof. Giacomo Cacciapaglia, dell’ Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules, Lyon, Francia, terra’ due seminari:

aula: Giulio Soliani (ex F1) ore 15:30 mercoledi’ 22 Gennaio 2020

1) Light composite (pseudo)scalars at the LHC and future colliders

Composite models for the Higgs and top quark typically feature the presence of light scalar
resonances, whose presence can be texted at colliders. I will discuss both current bounds,
highlighting uncovered regions of the parameter space. Finally, prospects for future leptonic
and hadronic colliders will be sketched.

aula: F7 ore 15:30 giovedi' 23 Gennaio 2020

2) Composite Higgs on the road to Planck

To validate the paradigm of Higgs compositeness and top partial compositeness, it is crucial
to construct explicit UV completions that fully address the fermion mass origin and can be
trusted up to high scale. In this talk, I will present three possible paths, highlighting
their advantages and shortcomings.

Ref. prof. C. Corianò