Giovedì 27 Febbraio 2014, alle ore 11:00, in Aula F1, il Dott. Sebastiano Calchi Novati (International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies "E.R.Caianiello" -IIASS- e Università di Salerno) terrà un seminario  dal titolo:

"Behind the Light: Microlensing and Galactic Astrophysics"

Within the last few years (galactic) gravitational microlensing has developed into a very efficient tool of investigations in several areas of astrophysics. We intend to give an updated report on some specific issues: the search for dark matter in form of compact halo objects, and in particular M31 pixel lensing and the observational campaign carried out by the PLAN collaboration; stellar astrophysics: a new path towards polarization analysis?; the search for extrasolar planets: the Galactic Bulge and the line of sight towards M31.

Ref: Achille A. Nucita