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  13.09.2014 - High energy cosmic rays: sources and fluxes - Seminario

 Martedì 16 settembre 2014, alle ore 11:00, presso l'Aula “R. Anni”, il Prof. Todor Stanev (Department of Physics & Astronomy University of Delaware) terrà un seminario dal titolo:

High energy cosmic rays: sources and fluxes

This talk focuses on high-energy cosmic rays in the PeV energy range and above. Of particular interest is the knee of the spectrum around 3 PeV and the transition from cosmic rays of Galactic origin to particles from extra-galactic sources. Our goal is to establish a baseline spectrum from 1014 to 1020 eV by combining the results of many measurements at different
energies. In combination with measurements of the nuclear composition of the primaries, the shape of the energy spectrum places constraints on the number and spectra of sources that may contribute to the observed spectrum.

Ref. Prof. Paolo Bernardini