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  13.03.2017 - Active Nuclei from low to high Eddington ratios .. Seminario

 Martedi' 21 marzo, alle ore 11:00, presso l'aula seminari, la dott.ssa Francesca Panessa (INAF, Roma) terra' un seminario dal titolo:

Active Nuclei from low to high Eddington ratios: the X-ray and radio perspective

The accretion-ejection mechanism acting in AGN is one of the main astrophysical open issue.
The X-ray emission in AGN, associated with the accretion flow,
is strongly coupled with the radio emission, associated with a jet. Strong correlations between the radio and the X-ray luminosities are found both in radio-loud and in radio-quiet AGN, despite the fact that in RQ AGN jets are often absent or very weak. For two well defined and complete samples of low and high luminosity AGN, we have investigated the origin of the radio emission, its connection with the X-ray emission and the accretion rates.
Moreover, we have examined the incidence of large scale radio structures, such as those observed in Giant Radio Galaxies, among efficiently accreting AGN.
Our latest results will be discussed within the current accretion-ejection physical scenarios.


ref. A. Nucita